Walk to Better Health with a Walking Plan and Pedometer

Downloadable Pedometer

Downloadable Pedometer

Walking is a great form of aerobic exercise suitable for nearly everyone, from any age and level of athletic fitness. The remarkable benefits walking offers are reason enough to start including some modest exercise into your daily routine. If you haven’t thought about walking, now is the time to start.

Though easy to begin, there is a right and wrong way to begin a walking program. The most important thing is to ensure plenty of motivation, because benefits rely on regularity. This can mean using pedometers to keep track of progress and enlisting friends and family into the program. You may also want to choose to walk on a schedule, or to use other motivational tools to keep you moving. The key is to do so on a consistent basis. The more regular exercise you get, the better. Avoid falling into the trap of just walking once or twice a week and then falling off the wagon.

Pedometers and heart rate monitors can be great tools for starting a walking program. Not all monitors are the same, and it makes sense to choose one right for your specific needs. For instance, some people will benefit from the no-scroll display of the Sportline 308, and others will find the CR-786 Downloadable Multifunction Pedometer to be best for keeping motivation high. It all depends on what features you’re looking for (and we make it easy with our product search and shopping options).

Regardless of the style chosen, it is important to begin any exercise program with an easy workout. Slow progression from your current fitness level will protect against over-exertion and injuries. The only competition in a walking program is your own past performance, and pedometers can help make the most of competitive motivation. Start slow and work your way up and watch as the benefits start to make themselves more visible. Before you know it, you may find yourself with more energy, better breath, or even a few lost pounds on the scale.

Get Fit This Fall with the Help of Bulk Pedometers


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When it comes to getting in shape, most of us try to ramp up our efforts in the spring and summer for swimsuit season. However, once fall sets in, we tend to fall into our holiday mode, overeating and putting off the exercise. You’ve worked very hard to get your spring and summer body and it deserves to be kept up with. You’ll look better, feel better, and most importantly, you’ll be healthier. So, as summer continues on, start thinking about ways that you can keep fit during the fall. At Heart Rate Monitors USA, one of our favorite ways to stay fit is walking.

Walking programs are easy to start in the office and most of the time, they can have a HUGE payoff. Weight loss, increased energy, and even increased productivity can result from a little extra exercise, which is certainly needed during the busy fall season. If you want to keep up your summertime physique but don’t want to have to do it alone, see if you can start a walking program with some people from work. Walking for just 30 minutes a day can mean the world when you’re trying to manage your weight and stay healthy. To track it all, just clip on a pedometer and go!

At Heart Rate Monitors USA, we offer bulk pedometers that are ideal for office walking programs. Order a handful for a few of your friends or outfit your entire building with pedometers to suit how you’ll be walking. Either way, you’ll be taking a step toward better health.

Our bulk pedometers range from the basic to the sophisticated, tracking everything from steps to calories burned depending on your specific needs. Put together a small group of close coworkers or organize something across your entire company for a big prize. You’ll stay motivated, fit, and ready to keep your physique into the holiday season. All you need are some tips to get started and of course, our bulk pedometers.

Check out these posts on starting a walking program for some tips:

Then, once you’ve got all of the info you need to get started, check out our bulk pedometers selection and place your order. If you need help, send us an email or give us a call. We’d be happy to put you on the right track.

Starting a Walking Program at Work, Part II

Downloadable Pedometer

Downloadable Pedometer

Now that you have the first steps to starting a walking program mastered, it’s time to move onto phase to: putting the program into action.

Get Moving
Set aside a time each day for people to walk. Most people opt to walk during the last half hour of lunch (it’s good for digestion!), but maybe before or after your shift would work better. Either way, setting aside a time keeps participants accountable and makes your program much more organized and regimented. Not sure of what time will work best? Survey people who are interested in participating.

Keep Supplies On Hand

It’s a good idea to always have these supplies on hand, just in case: extra pedometers, water bottles, sweat towels, and a stop watch.  Pedometers and water bottles are the most essential to the program and usually, some of the most “forgotten” items.

Award Achievements
Have coworkers that are losing weight? Making great strides in distances? Then award progress! By giving out little prizes, you encourage others to strive for their full potential in the program. Contact some local businesses and see if they’d be willing to donate a gift card or a small prize.

Have a Backup Plan
Rainy, snowy, or just plain icky days happen, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t still get moving. Arrange for an alternative activity on days where you can’t go outside. Do yoga in the lobby, carpool to a nearby gym for a game of basketball, have everyone stretch at their desks, etc.

Keep a Roster
Tracking progress is easy with pedometers, so set up a chart where participants can record their steps daily. Or have everyone keep a fitness diary. Check in weekly or monthly to see who is making progress and then reward successes. Or, make it a fun competition by posting the walking roster in the break room.

Tout the Benefits of Walking

Did you know that regular walking for 30 minutes a day can lower both bad cholesterol and high blood pressure levels? It’s true. Walking has numerous health benefits including weight loss, reduced risk of stroke, improved cardiovascular health, and a general feeling of well being. Consider bringing in a guest speaker who can talk about the benefits of the walking program. Some good candidates would be someone from your insurance company, a doctor, a cardiologist, a personal trainer, or a representative from the American Heart Association.

Let’s Hear from You!

Have you put a walking program in place in your office? How did you keep everyone motivated? Do you have any tips to share? Leave a comment!

Starting a Walking Program at Your Work, Part I



Ready to get moving? Let’s get started.

Starting a walking program at your job can be easy, as long as you come with a well-organized plan. The first place to start would be your HR department. Before you can do any sort of walking program, it’s best to just make your company aware of what your doing. They may even have some tools that can make things easier along the way, such as recommended routes, literature on the benefits of exercise, etc. Plus, your HR department will likely applaud your efforts to make your workplace even healthier :)

Once you’ve got the OK from HR, it’s time to get started. If you plan on being the chief organizer of the walking program, sit down and start coming up with a goal that everyone who participates can work toward. Maybe it’s a distance. Maybe it’s a number of steps. Maybe it’s pounds lost or calories burned. Whatever it may be, that goal will be what everyone stays working toward throughout the program. So step one: SET A GOAL!

Once you’ve got your goals, come up with a space where everyone can walk by either designating an area on company property (talk to HR) or by creating a little course/map for everyone to follow. Track distance so that it’s easy to see how far one is walking while participating. Don’t have a lot of space? See if employees are willing to walk along the sidewalks in front of the building or at a nearby park/recreation center. Let’s recap step two: CHART A COURSE!

Now on to step three: GEARING UP! In order to do a walking program successfully, you need a way to track yourself. The best solution is to have participants (or your company) purchase pedometers. These little devices are easy to use and best of all, they keep everyone accountable. Track your steps, track your progress, track your success…all it takes is a little pedometer to get started.

At Heart Rate Monitors USA, we’re proud to offer pedometers that are both affordable and dependable so that you can get your walking program started. Choose from simple, basic models to more sophisticated pedometers that allow for you to download your walking info. Either way, you’ll be getting the tracking power you need. Ready to gear up? Shop the selection of pedometers today at Heart Rate Monitors USA.

In the next post, we’ll give you more tips and steps for starting a walking program at your workplace. Stay tuned!

The First Step To Better Health…At Work!


Start a Walking Program

Looking to get in shape for spring? Well, if you’ve never really gotten into heavy-duty exercise, starting a walking program can be a great way for you to reap the health benefits of walking without having to commit to a gym membership or intense training. Walking programs are as simple as, well, taking a first step!

But don’t worry – you won’t have to do it alone.

Walking programs are becoming increasingly popular in offices, especially since walking has so many great benefits. After a walk, you can feel refreshed, more energized, and can even be more productive! But most importantly, walking can be a great preventative health measure that anyone, no matter what his or her occupation, can benefit from. Good health starts with that first step!

So how can you start a walking program at your office? Well, stay tuned :)

Over the next couple weeks, Heart Rate Monitors USA will be giving you the tools and supplies you need to start a walking program that both you and your coworkers can benefit from.

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”

Lao-tzu, The Way of Lao-tzu
Chinese philosopher (604 BC – 531 BC)