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Pre-Order the Garmin Forerunner 10

Garmin Forerunner 10 GPS WatchGarmin’s newest GPS watch, the stylish Forerunner 10, is coming soon and at Heart Rate Monitors USA, we’re ready. In fact, you can pre-order your Garmin Forerunner 10 now.

The Garmin Forerunner 10 tracks distance, pace, speed and calories, but unlike other GPS watches, it’s all about simplicity. Just push one button to start, or use simple features like Virtual Pacer to stay motivated. The Forerunner 10 is also Garmin’s most comfortable sports watch ever with a lighweight make that makes it easy to not just wear it as a training computer, but also as a normal watch.

Packed with features, the Garmin Forerunner 10 GPS watch showcases the best of Garmin with:

  • A run/walk feature that tracks even if your run workout includes walk breaks
  • Alerts every time you complete each mile
  • Workout summaries, including total time, distance, average pace, and calories
  • Alerts for when you achieve a personal record, like your fastest mile or longest run to date
  • Easy-to-read display of time and distance or calories and pace, you choose the screen

The Garmin Forerunner 10 GPS watch won’t be available until next month, but you can preorder it right now at HeartRateMonitorsUSA.com in black, green and pink.

Jump In – And Pre-Order the Garmin Swim Watch

Garmin Swim Watch

Garmin Swim Watch

For awhile, swimmers have been yearning for a top maker of monitoring technology to catch up to their sport. Garmin has decided to take the plunge – literally – with it’s latest roll-out: the Garmin Swim Watch.

It’s not a heart rate monitor, but it’s powerful nonetheless. This swimmer’s watch includes features that can make sw

Features of the Garmin Swim Watch include:

  • Length/lap counting
  • Distance
  • Stroke counting
  • Pace
  • Calories
  • Swolf score (gauges swimming efficiency)
  • Stroke type identification
  • Log drills
  • Start timed intervals
  • Quick timer workouts
  • Configurable training pages
  • Auto-detect rest times
  • Sport watch: yes

The Garmin Swim Watch also works for drills with some user input. To see how, just read through the product data here.

It’s compatible with Garmin Connect, it automatically syncs with your computer to transfer data, and it has memory storage of at least 30 workouts. Use the time, date, and alarms to stay on schedule and let the long-lasting battery keep you moving. You’ll get water resistance up to 50 meters, comfortable design, and monitoring features that make it easier than ever to train for your sport.

To get the specifics on what this swimmer’s watch can do, be sure to check out the offical product page for the Garmin Swim Watch.

Place your pre-order for the Garmin Swim Watch today.

Pre-Order the Garmin Fenix Today

Billed as “the first true wrist mounted GPS” by Rob Curtis of the MilitaryTimes.com, the Garmin Fenix is the most highly anticipated model from Garmin since the Forerunner 610. Set to ship sometime in Fall 2012, the Garmin Fenix is going to sell out quick. Luckily, at Heart Rate Monitors USA, you can get your pre-order in well in advance – with some additional savings to boot.

When you pre-order your Garmin Fenix, you’ll get a free $40 gift card with your order, but that’s not all. Each order comes with the Garmin Fenix GPS watch, a users manual, USB cable, and AC adapter with plug.

According to Garmin, the Garmin Fenix is the first GPS navigator+ABC wristwatch to include Garmin GPS navigation. Designed for outdoor enthusiasts, it satisfies the lofty requirements of the serious adventurer. It is very easy to use and packed with many of the same features found on Garmin’s popular outdoor handheld GPS products. As a true GPS navigator, it can guide you off the trail and back to the safety of your vehicle, trailhead, campsite or home. All while conveniently strapped to your wrist.

As for features, the Garmin Fenix doesn’t disappoint. It is:

    • A high-sensitivity GPS navigator+ABC adventure watch
    • Very easy to use with altimeter, barometer and 3-axis compass with automatic sensor calibration
    • Waterproof to 50 meters
    • Complete with a worldwide basemap
    • Able to mark up to 1,000 waypoints and store up to 10,000 track points and navigate to them

It also showcases an exclusive TracBack feature reverses the track log to help navigate back to the starting point, plus it can wirelessly share routes, tracks, waypoints with other compatible Garmin GPS units. Use Bluetooth technology to sync routes, tracks, waypoints and geocaches to select smartphones (Bluetooth Smart Ready devices) using the free Garmin BaseCamp mobile app. Or, if you’d rather, use the free Garmin BaseCamp desktop software.

This GPS watch is compatible with new tempe wireless temperature sensor for more accurate ambient temperature data (sold separately), as well as with the optional Garmin wireless heart rate monitor and cadence sensors.

Take advantage of user profiles available to simplify your tracking, such as Hiking, Running and Cycling. You’ll also get large stopwatch time, distance and pace all on a single screen. Data fields options include heart rate, distance, pace, calories, laps and many more. As for the watch functions, it’s fully loaded with alarms, tones, and vibration alerts.

Let the rechargeable Li-ion battery keep you moving, as it lasts up to 6 weeks in watch mode, 16 to 50-hrs (UltraTrac) in GPS mode. For adventurers, there’s just nothing better.

Pre-Order your Garmin Fenix today at Heart Rate Monitors USA.

The Polar RCX3 Heart Rate Monitor

Polar RCX3

Polar RCX3

The latest fitness monitor from Polar is a great one and we’re very excited to have these available for pre-order. They’ll be here soon!

What’s the new item? Well, it’s the Polar RCX3 series of heart rate monitors, which come in several varieties to suit your sport as well as the data you’re looking to record. There’s a basic monitor that’s designed for running and fitness, a run edition just for runners, a bike edition that’s designed for cyclists and mutli-sport athletes, and a GPS edition that records valuable training data for runners, cyclists, and multi-sport athletes. Each of these monitors features a sleek design and comes available in black or white. As for features, it doesn’t disappoint.

Polar RCX3 heart rate monitors showcase features such as graphical target zone indicators to tell you where you are in terms of intensity during a workout, heart rate monitoring, Polar Fitness Test, automatic lap recording, compatibility with PolarPersonalTrainer.com analysis tools, sport profiles to help you switch between sports during training, ZoneLock to accumulate desired intensity, ZoneOptimizer personalized sport zones, ZonePointer to show you where you are inside your pre-set target zone, OwnCal for calories burned during a training session, running index score, user-replaceable battery, and much, more. To see a full run-down, check out our Polar RCX3 page, where you can get the skinny on each monitor as well as the accessories included in each bundle to maximize your training.

As for what’s included, here’s what you’ll get with each Polar RCX3 bundle at Heart Rate Monitors USA:

RCX3 Basic 

  • Training Computer
  • Wearlink+ W.I.N.D. Transmitter
  • Instructions

RCX3 Run 

  • Training Computer
  • Wearlink+ W.I.N.D. Transmitter
  • s3+ Stride Sensor
  • DataLink Data Transfer Unit Instructions

RCX3 Bike 

  • Training Computer
  • Wearlink+ W.I.N.D. Transmitter
  • CS Speed Sensor W.I.N.D.
  • Universal Bike Mount
  • DataLink Data Transfer Unit
  • Instructions


  • Training Computer
  • Wearlink+ W.I.N.D. Transmitter
  • G5 GPS Sensor
  • GPS Clip
  • DataLink Data Transfer Unit
  • Instructions

Ready to pre-order your Polar RCX3 heart rate monitor? Check out our Polar RCX3 bundles today and save on this hot new item from Polar.


Polar FT7

Polar FT7

Alright, guys and gals. You know you have a few pounds you’d like to get rid 0f (who doesn’t?), but we know you’ve tried everything in the book. Your weight loss woes are about the fly out the window faster than your running shoes when there’s one more cupcake to eat.

Introducing a new and exciting secret to weight loss: The Polar FT7 Heart Rate Monitor!

Consider this monitor your own personal trainer. While it won’t get you out of bed at sunrise to run laps or scream rep counts as you shred in the gym, the Polar FT7 is so much  more than your average monitor. It comes packed with features that make it easy to use both indoors and out, not to mention, with pretty much any exercise you can think of – as long as you’re not counting clicks on the remote or status updates you make on Facebook.

Polar EnergyPointer, OwnCal, maximum heart rate training records, exercise averages, HeartTouch, and graphical indicators for heart rate zones are just a few of the features. Slipping it on may cause a boost in confidence, a rise in motivation, and perspiration when used as directed.

Trust us – just use this bad boy (along with regular exercise – ahem, cardio and intervals –  and healthy diet), and the weight just melts right off. Users usually report at least some sort of weight loss in about 4 to 6 weeks with regular training. WOW! (can you tell we’re having fun writing this?)

If you’re ready to try this NEW, IMPROVED, and SUPERFANTASTICAWESOME weight loss solution, then get your Polar FT7 heart rate monitor today. User results vary, but weight loss usually occurs when you stop the excuses and start moving. ;)


Train Smarter with Your iPhone

Wahoo Fitness Bike Case

Wahoo Fitness Bike Case

Smart phones have made certainly made life easier for most of us. We check the weather, the news, our email, our Facebook pages…you name it and we can probably check it through our smart phones. But for those who want to get even more out of there smart phones, there’s a new kid on the block: Wahoo.

If you’ve been keeping up with our site, you’ll see that we’ve recently added a great selection of Wahoo Fitness accessories for iPhone. What does Wahoo do? Well, for starters, it gives you the ability to sync your iPhone with any ANT+ fitness device, which means things like heart rate monitors, bikes, and treadmills. Once synced, your iPhone will send all of your fitness training data to the Wahoo Fitness App for iPhone.

The Wahoo Fitness App for iPhone is a running and cycling App that transforms your phone into a fitness tool that can keep up with your training pace. Just use this app with any Wahoo Fitness accessory and you get ANT+ enabled tracking on all of your workouts – but that’s not all.

The Wahoo Fitness App lets you share your data with all of your favorite fitness management tools, including:

  • MapMyFitness.com
  • Runkeeper.com
  • Nike+.com
  • TrainingPeaks.com
  • GarminConnect.com
  • MapMyTracks.com
  • 2Peak.com
  • RideWithGPS.com
  • dailymile.com
  • Strava.com
  • Dropbox.com

or email/dropbox data in .pwx, .tcx, .csv, .gpx, or.wf files for upload and analysis anywhere.

Once you’ve shared your data, you can take a look at your performance and make smarter training decisions. Wahoo Fitness products also provide real-time data recording, flexibility of use and data screens in the app, super easy configuration and compatibility with a ton of devices…the list is long, but that’s a good thing. If you want to see what the Wahoo Fitness App can do, check it out on the iTunes app store.

In the meantime, you can take a closer look at our extensive selection of Wahoo Fitness gear. We have favorites like:

  • Aerobar Bike Mounts
  • iPhone Armbands
  • Bike Cases
  • Bike Packs
  • Blue HR Heart Rate Straps
  • WCycling Speed-Cadence Sensors
  • Extended batteries
  • Fisica Sensor Keys
  • Protective bike cases
  • Soft heart rate straps
  • Stride Sensors
  • Run-Gym Packs

To see a full selection of our Wahoo fitness products, visit HeartRateMonitorsUSA.com.

But besides using Wahoo products to train smarter, here are a few more tips to make the most of your iPhone when you’re working out:

  • Set alarms and schedule workout time in your calendar. It’ll keep you on track with your overall training program.
  • Use nutritional apps to encourage healthy eating before and after exercise. You can track calories, foods, and other nutritional data in various apps, or you can just keep a simple food diary.
  • Like to read or watch videos on your iPhone? Try reading through fitness magazines or articles to stay informed of the latest wellness news. In the mood for a movie or TV? Try watching a workout, meditation, or yoga video. It’s better for your health than another reality TV show episode!
  • Set reminders for yourself to drink enough water. Remember – you’re made of more than 70% H2O!

How do you use your iPhone to train smarter?

Polar Features to Maximize Your Training

Polar FT80 Heart Rate Monitor

Polar FT80 Heart Rate Monitor

Whether as a recovery intervention for chronic disease, athletic training for maximum performance, or as part of a weight loss effort, exercise can be augmented with the use of Polar heart rate monitors. The workout routine will benefit in several ways from the additional information and tracking capabilities provided by Polar, which stand out as some of the best in class features out there for training.

From the physical standpoint, real-time statistics on the heart rate, blood pressure, distance, and calories burned will help in achieving pre-set goals. The collection of this data in easy-to-read charts will provide a psychological boost to training and help with establishing realistic fitness objectives. In all Polar heart rate monitors, it’s easy to read, record, and analyze this real-time training data. Think of it this way: the more you know about your workout, the better you can interpret your actual performance and areas of improvement.

A Trainer in Every Setting
Personal trainers serve several functions. They motivate clients and help them set goals based on the current fitness level. Polar heart rate monitors can provide the same services without limitation – or needing someone to work out with you every time you try to squeeze in some exercise. One of the best features found in Polar monitors is the ability to establish goals along multiple variables and receive notification when those goals are met or exceeded. This reduces the risk of injury and prevents under-training in the field.

State of the Art Training Features & Software

Collection of data is facilitated by Polar’s own software and GPS. Data collection is extremely important for establishing current fitness levels and designing workouts. Other features ensure that every workout provides maximum results. Polar heart rate monitors also showcase some pretty nifty training features, including:

  • Polar OwnCal, which shows the number of kilocalories expended during training as a percentage of fat.
  • Polar OwnZone, which determines your personal heart rate limits for a training session, which can vary from workout to workout.
  • Polar Strength Training Guidance, which helps you optimize for strength training with heart rate readings, set spacing, and rest periods.
  • ZonePointer, which indicates whether you are inside your pre-set target zone, to keep you on task and on target.
  • ZoneLock, which helps you accumulate certain intensity.
  • Polar STAR Training Program, which gives you weekly targets for training based on your own unique criteria.
  • Polar Fitness Test, which measures your aerobic fitness level in just five minutes.

What’s your favorite feature in Polar heart rate monitors?

Finis Hydro Tracker Brings Gym Benefits to Field-based Training

Finis Hydro Tracker GPS

Finis Hydro Tracker GPS

New technologies, such as the Finis Hydro Tracker, are making it possible to combine all the benefits of a gym workout with the excitement of outdoors adventure. Scientific management of exercise is nothing new. Athletes have used technology for years both to inspire themselves to stronger performance and adjust routines for maximum benefit.

There are several ideas about how to maintain motivation and track progress. One of the most important is using a diversity of activities, like utilizing a triathlon training program of cycling, swimming and running. Besides keeping the routine exciting, variety also ensures a total body workout. Performing in the real world, versus a controlled gym environment, also helps by keeping the experience fresh.

There is a drawback to this type of training, however. Many athletes and enthusiasts prefer the gym, because machines are capable of measuring the heart rate, distance, speed and other variables. Progress can be tracked closely and compared with past and future performance. For professional athletes, knowing these variables can spell the difference between a plateau and excelled performance. The Finis Hydro Tracker, and other new field-based technologies, can track variable, map distance and time, and allow real-time sharing of information.

The Finis Hydro Tracker is one of the latest arrivals at Heart Rate Monitors USA and we’re really excited about what it has to offer. This swimmer’s GPS monitor rests on the back of the head while you swim, to give you constant GPS signaling for tracking your workouts. Each GPS includes a free online training log where you can use mapped workouts, share accomplishments, view your workouts as visual stats, set strategic goals, and save your multi-sport performance stats. For any triathlete, the Finis Hydro Tracker GPS is a great way to monitor how well you’re doing in pursuit of your fitness goals. Use it on its own or with a heart rate monitor to get full body, total sport monitoring.

Check out our latest addition, the Finis Hydro Tracker GPS, today at Heart Rate Monitors USA.

Choosing the Right Heart Rate Zone for Heart Rate Training

If you frequent our blog, chances are you’re interested in fitness, monitoring your heart rate and overall healthy living. But, are you using your heart rate monitor to determine the best heart rate your heart should be at while training?

Heart rate training is, simply put, a range your heart rate should be at during aerobic exercise where your heart and lungs can get the most benefit. Everyone’s training heart rate is different, so it’s important to calculate it on an individual basis, and better the overall intensity of your workouts as you do the math.

The following calculations should help you calculate your target heart rate zone:

  • 220 – your age = Maximum Heart Rate
  • Subtract resting heart rate from maximum heart rate = Heart Rate Reserve or HRR.
  • Multiply HRR times the percent that you want to train at.
  • Add back resting heart rate

Use the zones below as a guide when deciding how intense your workouts should be, and as time progresses and your fitness level improves, you may consider moving on to other zones.

Training Zones:

Healthy Heart Zone (Warm Up): 50-60% of maximum heart rate. This is the best zone for those just beginning a fitness routine.

Fitness Zone (Fat Burning): 60-70% of maximum heart rate. This zone is a little more intense than the warm-up zone.

Aerobic Zone (Endurance Training): 70-80% of maximum heart rate. This is the zone to consider when training for a competition or big fitness event. This zone helps develop your cardiovascular system.

Anaerobic Zone (Performance Training): 80-90% of maximum heart rate. Training in this zone is great for developing your muscles and bones and is usually done in short intervals: weight lifting, running or swimming sprints, or a game of tennis.

The Red Line Zone (Short Period Training): 90-100% of maximum heart rate. This zone is for interval running and developing your speed. Only those in good overall shape are able to train in this zone.

By using heart rate monitors and knowing what zone your workout is in, you can get a real-time look at the intensity of your workout and think of ways to improve your experiences. For instance, if you’ve been working out a lot lately and are meeting your target heart rate in a particular zone, you may consider moving on to another level of fitness.

Also, you may consider varying your workouts based upon length and intensity to allow for breaks in your routine throughout the week. Getting on a weekly schedule with different level of work outs can help a lot in the long run, too.



The Suunto Ambit GPS Watch: Pre-Orders Now Available!

Suunto Ambit

Suunto Ambit

Suunto is set to release a new game-changing GPS watch for explorers and at Heart Rate Monitors USA, you can bet that we’re gearing up for it already.

Set to ship sometime in late April, the Suunto Ambit GPS watch will change the way you monitor your adventures. This GPS sports watch from Suunto offers sophisticated data tracking for backcountry skiers, hikers, trail runners and mountain climbers with optional heart rate monitoring available.

The Suunto Ambit boasts a robust GPS navigation system, altimeter, and 3D compass, so you know where you are, where you’ve been, and exactly where you’re going – no matter what your adventure. Record-breaking extreme ski mountaineer, Greg Hill, describes the Suunto Ambit as “awesome product that should be on the wrist of anyone who heads into the outdoors.” In fact, the Suunto Ambit’s altimeter and GPS navigation system makes it a potentially life-saving survival tool.

The Suunto Ambit GPS watch also includes advanced training functions, specialized outdoor functions, and a durable construction, so you know that it’s built to last. Features include:

  • Real-time training effect
  • Highly responsive pace with FusedSpeed technology
  • Compatibility with online sports diary and planning tools at Movescount.com
  • Full-featured GPS (SIRF IV) navigation
  • Find Waypoint functionality with route planning, tracking, and track logging
  • 100 waypoint creations in watch and on Movescount.com
  • Military scale 3D compass
  • Temperature readings

Plus, a long-lasting battery, sleek design, and water resistance up to 100 meters.

To get more info about the Suunto Ambit or to preorder yours today, check out the official product page at Heart Rate Monitors USA.