The Garmin Edge 810 is Here – Are You Ready?

Garmin Edge 810Cyclists rejoice! Garmin has finally unveiled the new Edge 810 GPS enabled cycle computer.

The Garmin 810 may look identical to the Edge 800, but once you take a closer look, you’ll  find a new user interface which is sure to satisfy any cyclist. The touch screen Garmin 810 is a cyclist’s dream, with advanced navigation and training capabilities. The Garmin 810 allows you to track your progress through your smart phone while also offering amazing social media sharing and weather options.

The Garmin Edge 810 also allows the user to predefine up to ten bikes and give subcategories with their own customizable data screen. Choose between road-training, cross-race, trail-ride and whatever other cycling goals you want to set. The Garmin 810 virtually allows you to track every detail of your ride. Accurately record your distance, speed, ascent/descent, grade and more. The Garmin 810’s live tracking feature allows your friends and family to follow your progress during races and training in real time.

Even better, the Garmin 810 easily transfer data wirelessly, so you can easily analyze and share every detail of your ride. The Garmin 810 offers navigation that will always help you stay on track. The Garmin 810 is rugged, waterproof and has an impressive 17 hour battery life. Unlike those pesky touch screen cell phones, the Garmin 810’s touch screen is simple to operate, even with a wet or gloved hand. The Garmin 810 is truly an amazing cycling computer that any rider can appreciate. Trust us, it doesn’t get much better than this…unless you’re talking about the Garmin Edge 510, which is set to hit in February ;)

Triathlon Training Tips to Keep You Moving Toward Your Goal

Preparations for any athletic event require attention to detail and an understanding of training effects. Triathlons are among the most rigorous of all events, and there are several triathlon training tips to keep in mind for top performance:

  • Performance gains should be predictable and slow. Pushing yourself to run, cycle or swim more than about 10 percent longer or farther each week will have negative consequences.
  • Athletes in training must listen to and respect their bodies. If you feel run-down one day or more fatigued than usual, it is a message from the body to slow down and allow recuperation.
  • The right apparel makes a huge difference in performance. Heart rate monitors with GPS capability allow you to track progress and even get a strong feel for the triathlon route before the event.
  •  Going a little further than the event course requires will help you build confidence. Psychological preparation for long-distance events is just as important as physical preparation.
  •  The last two weeks before an event are best spent on maintenance and optimizing energy storage through diet. Further performance gains are not possible with this short time period.
  • Seek out more triathlon training tips from experienced trainers and professional athletes.

These are just a few tips for training for a triathlon. Share your best tips with us in the comments!

What have you done to train for a triathlon?

The Benefits Of Wearing Compression Clothing

compression clothingWhenever you spot runners or cyclists, many of them are sporting tight, form fitting garments. This type of apparel is called compression clothing, and it is worn by the finest athletes everywhere. While they may look basic, compression clothing is highly recommended within the fitness industry and offers several benefits to athletes.

Compression garments consist of tights, shorts, arm sleeves, calf guards or leg sleeves. Made from a spandex or power-weight flex material, compression garments can serve multiple purposes and are preferred by most avid athletes. They are geared to offer superb power, flexibility, and a 360 degree stretch. Even though cycling, field hockey, and running are different types of sports, these athletes share the same benefits from wearing compression clothing.

The main benefits of compression clothing are that they reduce the risk of sports injuries. They keep the muscles warm to prevent strain and fatigue, and they also keep sweat off your body to prevent chafing and rashes. Research has shown that compression garments help athletes recover faster, too. They can help reduce muscle soreness, minimize the duration for muscles trying to repair themselves, and reduce swelling.

Compression garments have also been shown to increase athletic performance, enabling athletes to increase the duration or intensity of their workouts. The elasticity of the garments enables easier movement of the body, resulting in easier hip movement to obtain more strides.

Whatever fitness activities, sports, or fitness training you are involved in, compression clothing can help you to perform at your peak. Heart Rate Monitors USA offers a variety of compression garments to suit your own needs. Be sure to choose a size that will firmly fit your body without cutting in to the body. Once you begin wearing compression clothes, you should start feeling the difference immediately!

Take Your Training to the Next Level with Polar Cycling Computers & Accessories

Polar Cycling ComputersSerious cyclists are constantly on the lookout for new products and technology that will significantly improve the effectiveness of their training efforts. It should come as no wonder, then, that when it comes to high-tech heart rate monitors, few others rival Polar cycling computers. With some of the company’s products starting at less than $100.00 purchase price, not only are they popular, they’re actually affordable on just about any budget.

With a vast array of products, each designed with a specific cycling enthusiast in mind, Polar cycling computers also extend well into the upper end of the price spectrum and can prove vital for cross-training activities. Right now, one of the hottest items is the RCX5 Tour de France (TDF) Training Computer. This cycling computer provides a number of different performance options and upgrades, including the Premium package. There are also various training programs included in the package that will increase the output in every workout.

Prices are incredibly competitive, and access is offered to a host of other accessories and replacement parts for a lifetime cycling satisfaction.

There’s no need to wonder about the effectiveness of your last workout. With Polar cycling computer systems, you’ll know without a doubt.

Swimming: A Perfect Cross-Training Activity for Cyclists and Runners

Swimming is one of the best methods of cross-training because it allows athletes to take a break without compromising their workout schedule. Running and cycling every day is not recommended because it is hard on your joints and your body needs about 2-3 days of rest each week. Thus, swimming allows you to utilize different muscles and gives your joints a break while still keeping up with endurance or speed work. All in all, it’s a favorite method of cross-training for many types of athletes.

Facts about swimming/water exercises:

  • Water cushions stiff joints, allowing for freer movement.
  • It also cushions joints that are injured by the impact of land exercises, making it ideal for rehabilitation.
  • When immersed to the waist your body only bears 50% of its total weight.
  • When immersed to the chest your body only bears 25%-35% of its total weight.
  • When immersed to the neck your body only bears %10 of its total body weight.
  • Water exercises can also relieve pain or stiffness by allowing freer movement without all of the weight bearing.
  • Water provides 12 times the resistance than air which helps build strength and endurance.
  • Swimming is a great cardiovascular workout, making it a great cross-training choice for runners and cyclists.

Here are two swimming workouts to try:

Running in Water
To run in the water, use belts that are specifically designed to keep you in a vertical position while in the water (the belts also offer buoyancy which allows you to run in motion while in the pool). Try to imitate your normal running form. Keep your fists closed. Allow your legs to move forward. Take short and fast strides. You can also switch to high knees and march in place.

To figure out how long to do this exercise for base it upon your land workouts; for example:

1. If you normally run an interval of 10 x 400, take that time and multiply it by 10.
2. 10 x 1:45 is the effort that should be used in the pool.

Swim Laps
Alternate between freestyle, breaststrokes, and backstrokes to help reduce muscle fatigue. Start off by doing about 10 laps back and forth in the pool.With each lap, see if you can improve your time (if you’re going for speed). For endurance, increase the number of laps. Remember to start out with a number of laps and a speed that is comfortable to you and work up gradually to avoid injury.

How do you use swimming as a cross-training activity?

Preorder the Garmin Edge 200!

It’s big news for cyclists. This month, Garmin will release a new product that we’re really excited about: The Garmin Edge 200. The Garmin Edge 200 is designed to bring new life to every workout, every ride. Check out the awesome specs on this upcoming addition to our selection.

Garmin Edge 200

Garmin Edge 200

The Garmin Edge 200

Packed with features and no setup required, the Garmin Edge 200 is an ideal cycling computer for any athlete. This GPS-enabled bike computer tracks distance, time, speed, and the path you traveled, plus it lets you upload your trips to Garmin Connect so you can analyze, share, and view your rides in more detail. Use the courses feature to challenge your times or map everywhere you’ve traveled by using it as an everyday or touring computer. You can even download rides from other Garmin Connect users for virtual competition! And did we mention that it has an easy to read display, auto time zone, and sleek, lightweight design? Oh, yeah. This is a bike computer that can keep up with your cycle life.

You can preorder this hot new item from Garmin today on The Garmin Edge 200 is set to be released this month (estimated shipping date is September 30) and we can’t wait for it to arrive in our warehouse. Preorder yours today so that you’re not left in the dust when this amazing new cycling computer makes its debut.

Get Yours Now: The Polar RCX5 and the Polar CS500 Le Tour de France Cycling Computer!

In the past few months, we’ve been posting about the Polar RCX5 and the Polar CS500 Le Tour de France Cycling Computer. We’re now proud to announce that we have both of these products now in stock!

Polar RCX5

Polar RCX5

The Polar RCX5 is ready to help you take the next step towards smarter training. Available in running, cycling, and multi-sport packages, the Polar RCX5 comes with everything you need to get the most accurate training data possible. At Heart Rate Monitors USA, you can grab these hot new releases from Polar in training bundles to suit your sport:

Polar CS500 Le Tour de France

Polar CS500 Le Tour de France

Looking for the perfect cycling companion? The Polar CS500 Le Tour de France Cycling Computer is a hot new addition to our selection that we’re really excited about. Featuring an oversize display, easy rocker switch, dual lock bike mount, and an expanded memory capacity, this cycling computer from Polar is sure to impress – and that’s not even counting the features.

The Polar CS500 Le Tour de France comes with W.I.N.D. technology for smarter tracking, plus support for Polar Personal Trainer so that you can upload, analyze, and share your workouts online. It come packed with features and offers comprehensive training support for any cyclist.

Get these new releases from Polar today at!

Our Best Tip for Improving Your Cycling Workouts: Analyze Your Training

Polar CS500 Cycling Heart Rate Monitor

Polar CS500 Cycling Heart Rate Monitor

As the Tour de France draws closer every day, all cyclists are reminded of their committment to be their best and to pursue their own training success – even if they aren’t going on a ride through the French countryside.

Cyclists everywhere get a reminder to be better during Tour de France season and at Heart Rate Monitors USA, we want to help with our best training tip possible. We’ve seen a lot of cycling successes and even some trade secrets, but there’s one thing that remains pretty constant: you have to analyze your training sessions.

Taking time to reflect on your performance can be one of the best things you do as a athlete, no matter what your sport. For cyclists, anaylizing training sessions can reveal much about your progress, your current state of performance, and even what your future training plans might be.

So how can you get this data? How can you see where you are as an athlete? Try using a power meter, cycling computer, or heart rate monitor to record data from your key workouts, performance tests, and races. Even if you decide to monitor your performance for a full year before making any changes, it can provide a TON of data for you to work with.

Then, once you have your core data, think about the things that your cycling computer or heart rate monitor can’t record, like your highlights and downsides or your goals and achievements. Take a closer look at what you wanted to do and how you did it. You’ll be a better athlete for it.

Polar CS500 Tour de France & Polar RCX5: NEW and Ready for Pre Order!

At Heart Rate Monitors USA, we’re always getting in new items to satisfy your needs for training or exercise. So, in keeping with your demand for the latest in heart rate monitoring, pedometers, and other fitness gear, we’re proud to announce two NEW products that we just launched for pre-order.

Polar CS500 Le Tour de France Cycling Computer

Polar CS500 Le Tour de France Cycling Computer

Polar CS500 Le Tour de France Cycling Computer: If you already love the Polar CS500, then you’ll love this special edition of the same great device even more. In honor of the Tour de France, this cycling computer features a sleek design and all of the great features you’ve come to expect from your Polar cycling computer, such as extended memory capacity, oversized display, rocker switch, dual lock bike mount, W.I.N.D. Technology, and support for the Polar Personal Trainer online program. Pre-order the Polar CS500 Le Tour de France Cycling Computer now.

Polar RCX5

Polar RCX5

Polar RCX5 Training Computer: Just in time for your next training season, we’re carrying the Polar RCX5 Training Computer so that you can get great support, no matter what your sport or level of performance. It includes features like the Polar Zone Optimizer, sport profiles, a built-in endurance program, race pace, training load and recovery time recording, and map viewing. This is THE must-have training tool for triathletes, runners, and cyclists. Get your pre-order in today for the Polar RCX5!

Heart Rate Monitors USA is Proud to Sponsor the Green Arm Bandits!

Green Arm Bandits

Green Arm Bandits

The Green Arm Bandits are a sub team of the East End Cycling Team (EECT) and Heart Rate Monitors USA is proud to be one of the lucky sponsors of this dedicated group of passionate cyclists.

EECT has been racing in the tri-state area since the 1970′s and has more than 50 podium wins to show for it. After all, their motto is: “Cycling is our passion, not our profession”.

Since the team was founded, it’s been a strong and committed part of many tri-state and New England epic road races, including Battenkill, Bear Mountain, Housatonic, Union Valve, Tokeneke, and Tour of the Hilltowns. In addition, the Green Arm Bandits also make their presence known in the Riverhead Friday night race series in the summer and the New York City Spring Race series with races in Central Park, Prospect Pakr, and Floyd Bennet Field in Brooklyn.

Dedication is an understatement. The Green Arm Bandits train a minimum of 5 days per week all year long on the roads of Long Island and commit principles of good sportsman ship, drive, team accomplishment, and constant communication. This is a team that works, pure and simple, and Heart Rate Monitors USA is proud to be on the sponsors list for 2011.

If you look for us on the 2011 sponsors list, you’ll find us amongst other great businesses like CycleOps, MetLife, Genuine Innovations cycling inflation products, Suffolk Bicycle Riders Assoc., the Law firm of Keahon, Fleischer, Duncan, and Ferrante, Complete Rehab & Sport physical therapy, Tires Inc., East Setauket Automotive, The Kreb Cycle, and Mt. Borah custom cycling apparel.

Good luck to the Green Arm Bandits from all of us at Heart Rate Monitors USA!

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