Our Best Tip for Improving Your Cycling Workouts: Analyze Your Training

Polar CS500 Cycling Heart Rate Monitor

Polar CS500 Cycling Heart Rate Monitor

As the Tour de France draws closer every day, all cyclists are reminded of their committment to be their best and to pursue their own training success – even if they aren’t going on a ride through the French countryside.

Cyclists everywhere get a reminder to be better during Tour de France season and at Heart Rate Monitors USA, we want to help with our best training tip possible. We’ve seen a lot of cycling successes and even some trade secrets, but there’s one thing that remains pretty constant: you have to analyze your training sessions.

Taking time to reflect on your performance can be one of the best things you do as a athlete, no matter what your sport. For cyclists, anaylizing training sessions can reveal much about your progress, your current state of performance, and even what your future training plans might be.

So how can you get this data? How can you see where you are as an athlete? Try using a power meter, cycling computer, or heart rate monitor to record data from your key workouts, performance tests, and races. Even if you decide to monitor your performance for a full year before making any changes, it can provide a TON of data for you to work with.

Then, once you have your core data, think about the things that your cycling computer or heart rate monitor can’t record, like your highlights and downsides or your goals and achievements. Take a closer look at what you wanted to do and how you did it. You’ll be a better athlete for it.

Polar CS500 Tour de France & Polar RCX5: NEW and Ready for Pre Order!

At Heart Rate Monitors USA, we’re always getting in new items to satisfy your needs for training or exercise. So, in keeping with your demand for the latest in heart rate monitoring, pedometers, and other fitness gear, we’re proud to announce two NEW products that we just launched for pre-order.

Polar CS500 Le Tour de France Cycling Computer

Polar CS500 Le Tour de France Cycling Computer

Polar CS500 Le Tour de France Cycling Computer: If you already love the Polar CS500, then you’ll love this special edition of the same great device even more. In honor of the Tour de France, this cycling computer features a sleek design and all of the great features you’ve come to expect from your Polar cycling computer, such as extended memory capacity, oversized display, rocker switch, dual lock bike mount, W.I.N.D. Technology, and support for the Polar Personal Trainer online program. Pre-order the Polar CS500 Le Tour de France Cycling Computer now.

Polar RCX5

Polar RCX5

Polar RCX5 Training Computer: Just in time for your next training season, we’re carrying the Polar RCX5 Training Computer so that you can get great support, no matter what your sport or level of performance. It includes features like the Polar Zone Optimizer, sport profiles, a built-in endurance program, race pace, training load and recovery time recording, and map viewing. This is THE must-have training tool for triathletes, runners, and cyclists. Get your pre-order in today for the Polar RCX5!

Heart Rate Monitors USA is Proud to Sponsor the Green Arm Bandits!

Green Arm Bandits

Green Arm Bandits

The Green Arm Bandits are a sub team of the East End Cycling Team (EECT) and Heart Rate Monitors USA is proud to be one of the lucky sponsors of this dedicated group of passionate cyclists.

EECT has been racing in the tri-state area since the 1970′s and has more than 50 podium wins to show for it. After all, their motto is: “Cycling is our passion, not our profession”.

Since the team was founded, it’s been a strong and committed part of many tri-state and New England epic road races, including Battenkill, Bear Mountain, Housatonic, Union Valve, Tokeneke, and Tour of the Hilltowns. In addition, the Green Arm Bandits also make their presence known in the Riverhead Friday night race series in the summer and the New York City Spring Race series with races in Central Park, Prospect Pakr, and Floyd Bennet Field in Brooklyn.

Dedication is an understatement. The Green Arm Bandits train a minimum of 5 days per week all year long on the roads of Long Island and commit principles of good sportsman ship, drive, team accomplishment, and constant communication. This is a team that works, pure and simple, and Heart Rate Monitors USA is proud to be on the sponsors list for 2011.

If you look for us on the 2011 sponsors list, you’ll find us amongst other great businesses like CycleOps, MetLife, Genuine Innovations cycling inflation products, Suffolk Bicycle Riders Assoc., the Law firm of Keahon, Fleischer, Duncan, and Ferrante, Complete Rehab & Sport physical therapy, Tires Inc., East Setauket Automotive, The Kreb Cycle, and Mt. Borah custom cycling apparel.

Good luck to the Green Arm Bandits from all of us at Heart Rate Monitors USA!

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